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Cottage Country Tree Surgeons offers tree services in Simcoe North. We offer a variety of services for homes and businesses in Midland, Collingwood, Stayner and throughout Simcoe County. Our experienced professionals are experts in the diagnosis and treatment of tree problems, offering advice to help you maintain beautiful, healthy trees and protect your landscape investment. Our services include:


Dead wooding helps to keep your trees healthy and looking great by pruning and removing all dead branches. Don't let dead branches ruin the look of your trees; let our team remove them for you.


Cottage Country Tree Surgeons can completely and safely remove hazardous and dying trees, as well as trees that are obstructing new construction or development, or healthy trees when another more suitable specimen is desired.


Don’t pay costly repair bills because a rogue tree landed atop your home or car. If a tree on your property is too close for comfort, we can nip your problem in the bud—so to speak. Our tree maintenance services start with an inspection to ensure your trees are healthy and not in danger of dying or disease, as well as to identify areas in need of pruning or dead wooding. We can also install braces and supports if required.


Tree pruning helps keep trees healthy and growing in the proper fashion. Proper pruning of trees when they are young reduces the potential of costly problems and the need for supplemental support as landscape features mature. Cottage Country Tree Surgeons provides expert tree pruning services at competitive prices. No matter what size or type of trees you have on your property, our team can handle all of your pruning needs.


Tree topping is known by many names: reshaping, crown restructuring, reducing, heading, etc. All of these terms refer to a style of pruning in which the crown of a tree is drastically reduced and the majority of the tree's foliage is removed. If a tree on your property is interfering with power lines, encroaching on a neighbouring property, or causing any other problems, professional tree topping or reshaping may provide a solution.


Are some of the trees around your home or property starting to look wild and out of control? Let the team at Cottage Country Tree Surgeons handle your entire tree trimming needs. We've got the skills and experience to trim your trees and have them looking great in no time. No matter whether they are approaching some wires, scratching on your home, or just impeding the view, our team can trim your trees back to a proper shape and size.


Do you have a tree emergency? Maybe the wind has blown over one of your trees or a branch is looming above your home? Cottage Country Tree Surgeons offers emergency tree services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week in locations across Simcoe County. Let our skilled team take care of any fallen or damaged trees on your property safely and quickly. Even if your tree has fallen over a power line, we will work to get it removed and everything working again in no time. Contact us today for a fast response.


We will go to great heights for you. No job is too small and no tree is too tall for us.

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